Saturday, April 5, 2014

And the Vet Said “Walk”

Yep.  I took the dog to a new vet recently to get her routine kennel cough vaccine.  She was a nice as could be and said as gently as she could, “You know she’s a little overweight, don’t you?”.  I wanted to say, “Yeah, so am I.  What’s your point?”.  But of course I didn’t!

So the dog and I have been walking up to the school and back every day (maybe about a mile round-trip or slightly less).  I’ve never had a dog that actually LOST weight.  My dogs have always been on the chubby side.  This will be new for both of us.  Hope it works!

And speaking of what is in the works … I received this great box from Joann at the Sunshine group I’m in and this is what I'm making with some of the crumb blocks that were included:

When I’m done, I’ll be calling this one “Rainbow Crumbangles” [get it? Crumb Triangles!].

And these are the quilts waiting patiently for their bindings to be finished (today and tomorrow – I swear!):

And this is what’s blooming outside – good colors for a 2-color quilt:

And this is a cormorant – a type of diving duck with a long neck – that kept hissing at us until we walked away.

Always something our in Wild Kingdom!

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Kate said...

Love the crumbs!!! Kathleen