Thursday, April 10, 2014

Still Quilting Away

I just took another child-size quilt off of the frame - this one is destined to go to my great-niece.  The little dickens was born last October and has been waiting patiently for me to finish up a little something for her!  I'm such a bad Auntie.  She recently went on vacation to the beach in Mexico so this one's for her ... beach memories and bubbles and fish quilting!

And this is the gardening that I have also been neglecting:

Those Daisy bushes were cut back last month and are again threatening to overtake the birdbath.  The poor birds won't use the birdbath if the bushes are too thick because snakes and other threats can hide there and ambush them.  The weather has been excellent, so I'll be getting out there this weekend to do some pruning, for sure!

I love the African Irises and always take lots of pics when they bloom.  They have such a pretty flower that it's a shame that they only last one day.

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