Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Finally Got a Box Mailed

These all made it into the box that went off to Wrap-a-Smile (WAS) yesterday:

All of the quilt with squares were from Beth in NJ and each has different quilting – orange peel, stylized roses, hearts and vines, and a lotus bud and swirl panto.  They turned out great.   
Beth's detail - look at the Roo's!

detail of lotus blossom bud panto on Beth's

The purple/green is from Janice in FL, who is also in my QOV group, who wanted to donate to WAS.  The rest were mine, some using lotto blocks that I won from the Sunshine On-line Quilt Guild that supports WAS.   Glad to get this box off and the quilts on their way to kids.

And this little guy is the “seed quilt” in a new box – you know, the quilt that attracts other quilts to jump in the box?!  I finished it up last night - binding and all ...

The quilting panto I chose was a little too geometric for the quilt squares – I think I would have preferred a more swirly pattern, but live and learn I always say.  This was also made from lotto blocks that I won.  I’m chipping away at some long-time UFOs.

And remember that walking that my dog’s vet is “making” us do?  This is what happens …

That’s one tired puppy you see there.  But that shepherd's ear is sticking up, ever-vigilant in case one of the sheep tries to escape the fold!
And PS  I was slacking off on the couch when I took the photo – LOL.  We have no stamina here at our house!!!

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Kate said...

love the idea of the 'seed' quilt - and it is gorgeous, too!