Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Still Busy as a Bee

I did have to stop a little early this afternoon because the winds were picking up and the sky was getting quite dark.  Here in the Land of the Lightning, I unplug all expensive equipment when the thunderstorms threaten.
Rain on the Way
But I was able to finish quilting and putting the binding on this one that I called my take on Modern.  Without having any Chinese coin strips or crumb blocks, I had just used stripes.  It has a cheerful big star quilting motif where the stars have eyes and a smile.  Good for any age kid!  Into the box it goes …

Oh, and I did get up last night to see if the Blood Moon was spectacular.  In my area, the eclipse didn’t begin until about 2 am so it hadn’t turned red when I caught this image at about 2:20.  I went out again about 30 minutes later and it was turning reddish, but wispy clouds were coming in so I didn’t get a worthwhile shot of it.  This pic was enough to prove I was out there!

So as soon as this next rain band moves thru, I’ll go back upstairs to quilt.  I still have three more in the basket to quilt, then it’s back to working on those UFOs … they abound!

These are the ones already in the box that I already told my group about:
Pink/yellow lotto blocks

Feathery Quilting

Sportin' Ties (with soccer balls)

Solar System Quilting

More lotto block winnings

Geometric Triangle Quilting

I can't believe there are four in the box already ... Feels good to get another box almost ready to mail in a timely manner for a change!

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