Thursday, January 12, 2017

And She's B-A-C-K !!

I haven’t updated this blog since January of 2016.  The year just kept creeping past without my realizing how long it had been.  Well into the year, I decided to just let it go, but then I found that I missed posting and that blogging was an excellent way for me to keep track of my donation quilts.

So, I am back in 2017 and intend to keep posting about my current projects, how I intend to organize my sewing room to streamline my creative process and perhaps some gardening and local news!

Welcome back to my small corner of the world …

 I am currently working on:

-  Finishing a New Year’s Eve Mystery.  The intended design was for a large quilt that I am breaking into two smaller (kid-size) quilts for donation.  I had to stop for a brief period when my desktop machine had to go to the sewing machine hospital, but I am making progress.  Photo soon.

- Joining in with a Double Wedding Ring challenge.  I will be working with an old UFO (unfinished object) that I never went far with after a class.

And I just sent off a “stringy thing” to add to a banner that will be given to a lady who was in a terrible car accident to cheer her up as she recovers.

January is shaping up to be a good quilting month!

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