Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Summary

Finished quilting the Quilt of Valor that I was working on.  It was a bear to quilt because the borders were not put on properly.  It is a charming quilt - I think the block is called Sparkler, and the center is very well made:

If you are a quilter, please take the time to measure and cut your borders to fit properly.  If you just sew a length of fabric on the sides and chop if off, it will stretch and buckle and bunch up when quilting instead of laying nice and flat.  The little extra time it takes to measure and pin will make your quilts so much nicer and your longarmer will appreciate you!

This one was quilted with a panto called Stardust:

And in the week coming up, I will be back to working on child-size quilts.

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