Monday, January 16, 2017

Local Community Service

Continuing with my activities for local community service, yesterday I worked up two sample blocks for my Quilts of Valor meeting this coming Friday:

We will begin working on our new pattern for 2017 called Via Air Mail.  The pattern was published in the Fons & Porter quilting magazine:

I made up some kits for our members so they can begin right away.  We are modifying the pattern to efficiently use our existing fabrics.  The pattern calls for 2 inch squares and we have a lot of leftover 2.5 inch squares, so we enlarged the pattern to use those.

This is the quilt I will be quilting for the group to turn in on Friday (I didn't make the top):

We will have some finished tops soon and get those to the longarmers and award them to local Veterans.  Last year we awarded 154 Quilts of Valor and have 7 more in reserve for those Veterans who could not attend certain presentations!  I applaud the ladies in our small group that made such an effort to locate Veterans and make these awards.  Such a nice group.

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