Thursday, January 6, 2011

Box Taped Up To Go

I just finished taping up a box with four quilts that I had ready to go on their way to Wrap Them in Love (WTIL).  These are the last of the 2010 donation quilts to go out - ok, I'm a week late but they're going out so that's good!

A few members of the WTIL yahoo group have jumped on board with a catchy goal that sounds like fun and I know I can make it!  It's to complete and send in “11 in 11” [2011].  I already have some quilts in the works for that ...

I think I've posted most of these before, but these are what’s in the box that I will get to the post office tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful! They are so lucky to get them. I think I will adopt that phrase for my American Hero quilts, too. Thanks for sharing such great finishes. Thanks for helping others!

Kathy T. said...

And Thank You for donating to American Hero quilts ... they are doing wonderful things over there.