Saturday, January 8, 2011

Third of the Triplets is Done

The third of the triplets is now a finished top.  I though I was going to have fraternal twins, but it turned out there were enough blocks to make 3 children's tops.  One is a finished quilt that went in the box to WTIL already and here are the next two:

1 of 3
Donated Already
I've been playing with cropping-
haven't gotten it right yet!

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3 of 3

Each has a little different personality.  This is the last of the blue/white blocks and I will finish quilting these two to complete the January challenge.  I'm already looking forward to the February color selection.

Meanwhile, I have started fussy-cutting some blocks for an Attic Windows top - here's a sneak preview (the colors aren't accurate - I'm better off taking photos in daylight):


heather said...

The blue quilts look great. I like WTIL. I've donated about 10 quilts there but haven't sent any for a while. I need to get some of the tops I have around here boxed up and sent off.

scraphappy said...

Such cute triplets. It is great that you had enough blocks to complete three tops! So nice that they are not identical but are still obviously siblings.

Quilter Kathy said...

Wow! You have made quick work of your blue scraps...magically turned them into 3 quilts...great job!

Angelcat said...

Your blue quilts are all so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wonderful, and how to choose which one I like best is difficult. What a great way to use those scraps!

Ellen said...

Wow - your quilts are beautiful and you put them together so quickly.

Linda_J said...

Well done, Kathy! I don't think that there is any better combo than blue and white. Very classic!