Monday, January 10, 2011

View from the Attic Windows

The Attic Windows blocks are growing.  They still need the hot pink sashing and then borders and then maybe I'll have to put out a sunglasses alert because it will be so bright!  The cute kiddie fabric is from Helen's stash at Wrap Them in Love.  I had the blue fabric on hand and scored the matching orange and pink at wal-mart at 50% off (yep, our store's fabric section is going out of business, too) - this is the thicker, better fabric and I'm going to miss the wal-mart prices on that.  I've heard that in some areas of the country people have been successful at petitioning to have the fabric sections put back in the stores, but that is unlikely around here.  Oh, well. 

Had to shut down due to thunderstorms with lightning in the area - can't take a chance on the surge protector failing and being without my sewing machine ...  more Attic Windows tomorrow (or later today if the weather clears).
Progress to Date

Detail 1

Detail 2

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