Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Old Wive's Tales

And I want to make perfectly clear that the title of this post means *old tales that wives tell*, not *tales from old wives*!!

Anyway, this was the sight on my walk today:

All of the leaves in the maple trees were turned over from the wind.  I've always heard that this is a sign that it is going to rain.  And I can attest that when I was about 1/2 mile from home, it poured down rain on my pretty little head.  As for me, I believe the old wive's tale.  How about you?!

Fortunately, I had finished up the binding of this cute little modern Stix 'n Stones quilt before I went for the walk.  The pattern was on Timeless Treasures fabric company's site, but I don't think it is still available there.  It works up pretty fast with fat quarters.

I also quilted another top today, but don't have the borders finished or the binding on that one ... maybe tomorrow, if it rains!

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