Sunday, March 13, 2011

Second Sunday Sewing

My on-line quilt group, the Sunshine Quilt Guild, has a tradition of reporting on their sewing for Sunshine on the second Sunday of every month.  Our group supports two children's programs:  Wrap-Them-in Love and Wrap-a-Smile.  See the info on my sidebar or the links indicated in this text.  Sunshine is a great group and I love to see the pictures that the members post of their quilts.

Today I finished binding a quilt that turned out larger than I expected, so it will go to WTIL.  The larger size probably happened when I put that last row on backwards - oopsy!  Anyway, I had intended it for WAS, so I started a smaller quilt for that group's box.

Detail with Backing

For the smaller WAS quilt, I will be using this fabric in an easy four-square design with sashing.  Should be cute - I'll keep you posted!

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