Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainbow Challenge Greens #1

I put together this sweet little pink/green top for Wrap-a-Smile yesterday that meets the *no rules* rules for the 2011 Rainbow Challenge (meaning you don't have to have it all green!).  I especially wanted to use up the pink/green fabric that had apples in it - it was printed crooked and drove me crazy - glad it's almost gone!  I also was glad to find a nice use for the five green blocks in the center that were leftover from a green block swap.  I thought this was a good use for those poor orphaned blocks (they have green fabric backgrounds although the picture makes them look black).

Detail of center fabrics

I found out I had lots and lots of green fabrics so I think this is only #1 for the Rainbow Challenge.  My swap group has a lottery and we are making green and white blocks this month, so I'll post a picture of those soon.


scraphappy said...

What a sweet little quilt. I'm so glad you are getting close to the end of the crooked apple fabric, though I'm sure you'll miss it when its gone:) So glad you found some inspiration in the challenge.

Miss 376 said...

Great to do two challenges in one. Great quilt,looking forward to seeing the next green project

Angela said...

These are really cute. To get over the fact taht I'm a bit stuck with the greens I think I will be mixing it up and making a green and something else project too.

PS Thank you for the kind words that you left on my blog about my photography

Connie said...

What a sweet quilt! I really love the Rainbow Scrap Challenge too.