Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Quilt is Done

I finished quilting and binding my #7 of 11 for Wrap-Them-in-Love.  This was the last of the blue/white monkey wrench tops that I called the fraternal triplets since I made three that were similar (but each had a little different twist) from a big bunch of  blocks that I had won.  I posted about them here and here.

The first and second of the *triplets* have been donated already and this third one is going into a box to wait until it I get a few more done.  I really liked the imitation patchwork fabric with the hearts on it that this one has for a backing.  I think this makes it suitable for a boy or girl (and I was pretty tired of that *boy* fabric with the various sports balls on it!).  Here are the photos (BTW, the purple splotch is my shadow - it's not in the fabric!):

Now I’m off to pull more weeds out of my flower beds!

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Pattilou said...

The blue and white is always nice, and the Monkey Wrench Block works great. Nice finish!