Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Quilt Borders

One of the members of my on-line quilting group does the most amazing things with borders.  Since I mostly make quilts for children's charities, I am almost always in a rush to get one finished and go on to the next one.  Since viewing so many quilts recently with wonderful borders, I decided to explore my options.

I came across a great site called the Quilting Assistant (dot) com.  That site presented an unusual border using the 9-Patch block that I really want to try.  The finished border looks like this:
Check it out at

Since those blocks are so easy to make, I might actually get one done like this!  The site also had a few other pretty border options from simple blocks - take a peak at them.

Meanwhile, I am still working in my yard to get some old plants out and new ones put in.  I'm still thrilled with my plants called Mystic Spires that just keep thriving and getting taller.  I put them in last October so it remains to be seen how they'll take the summer heat and humidity.  I'll just enjoy them for now!

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