Sunday, May 22, 2011

WW Walk-!t Challenge

Every Spring, Weight Watchers sponsors a Walk-!t Challenge.

This year I had the choice of several 5-K walk locations and a 5-mile walk option.  Since today had been forecast to be very hot and humid, I selected a 5-K that was scheduled to begin in the early morning in a local park that has lots and lots of trees.  I thought about doing the 5-mile instead of the 5-K (which is 3.1 miles), but it would have been near the beach with no shade.  I had been to the very nice dog park part of this particular park, but I had never gone to the far back of the park that backs up to a long lake.  It was gorgeous back there!

Part of Trail
I knew there were tons of squirrels in this park, but I didn’t expect the colony of rabbits that were in the back near our gathering spot.  There was every color you could name … probably began with someone dumping pets, but apparently they are thriving despite the hawks and alligators.

The walk was great and everyone finished before the worst of the heat set in. 

I’m really glad I went, but of course, I came home and took a nap before lunch to make up for getting up so early!  Now that I’ve recovered … this is what I’ll be working on this afternoon:
This block is called the Box Kite and these are blocks I won in a block lottery.  I haven’t decided on a border yet, but will preview a few choices today.

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