Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scrappy Saturday

I took a poll recently in my on-line quilt guild for ideas for making quilts for teenagers - especially teen boys.  Quilts for Kids has a call out for these quilts and they would also be great for another group that I donate to called Wrap-Them-in-Love.  Well, the ideas poured in - everything from free patterns on-line, block designs and fabric choices like interesting panels (maybe camping or outdoor scenes), dolphins and underwater prints, safari prints and a friend suggested that peace signs are popular again (who knew?!).

I've had no trouble with finding lots of prints for younger kids, especially florals for girls, but I'm anticipating a new adventure in shopping for some of the above fabrics for teens.  I'll post what I find!

So last night I only had time to play with a few scraps.  I have a piece of fabric I was sent as part of a challenge and the only rules are to make blocks 12 1/2 inches to return for a sampler quilt.  I know that another participant has already made a bear block, so I found this cute native American-style rabbit.  He's a Sindy Rodenmayer design at Fat Cat Patterns under the Ethnic Flavor category on her sidebar.  She has lots of other cute native-flair animals there, too.  The challenge fabric is in the sunburst arch.

Right now Rabbit is just in pieces on my ironing board (and the light is terrible for taking pictures at night), but he'll be appliqued down to his background fabric today.  Now I have to think of some other blocks to go along with him using some more of that challenge fabric!

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Pattilou said...

Today while eating lunch, I studied a photo on an advertisement. It was actually a necklace in the peace sign. I'm going to try it in a pieced design. This was done in turquoise and black and was hung on a black display and that's where I got the idea. It wouldn't be too hard to piece a few 12.5 inch blocks using black and different bright colors.

When our family was here for Easter, I learned that the peace thing was the newest craze. I need to keep in touch with my grandkids better.