Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I'm Working On Today

Well, I went out looking for Indian Hawthorne plants to replace a few in the yard that were hit pretty hard in last winter's freezes.  Lo and behold, there was a Joann's store right around the corner from the big box store with the plants.  OK - so I've been to each a hundred times and knew they were both there, but what's your point?!

Anyway, I jogged on in to Joann's looking for some teenage boy fabric per my last post.  I didn't find any panels, but I did find several suitable fabric prints.  The hard part then was finding coordinating colors.  I really liked some underwater fabric but didn't see anything to go with it, so I got one nautical print that I liked and one with airplanes.  This is the one I'm working on now:

Top in Progress

The design for the quilt is from the book "What a Novel Idea" by Pat Sloan.  It has quite a few patterns that I liked that showed off how to use novelty prints in quilts.  The one I'm making now is a smaller version of the one on the cover so it will fit with the size quidelines requested by Quilts for Kids.

And, by the way, I did get the Indian Hawthorne bushes and I started pulling out the old dead ones today!

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Pattilou said...

So glad you remembered the Indian Hawthorne bushes! We've be digging out a few things hit by the hard winter here.

That looks like a cool book! I've still got some "cow" print from Helen's stash at WTIL, but I have an idea for the novelties lotto in July for them, so I'll send them off to Tammy! There's just enough for maybe 6 blocks.