Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back at the Ranch

I haven’t felt like sewing since I scratched the cornea of my eye, but I finally went up there today since it's feeling better and whipped up these little travel tissue covers.
They are so quick and easy to make.  Some are quilted and some aren’t.  I used the dimensions provided by Sue’s Blog from Alderwood Quilts that has separate contrasting strips at the top opening, but there is another tutorial by Melinda Quilts that uses a larger and smaller piece of fabric so that it makes self-binding.  I think I’ll try that next.

I made these because my mother is in an assisted living facility and they always need bingo gifts.  They asked the participants if they had any extra, unwanted stuff that they wanted to donate as prizes.   My mother was adamant that she was not going to give up any of her Easter ducks and bunnies (cheap plastic junk for the most part – but then again, it’s not my stuff so who am I to judge?), so I thought I’d take over something for my mother to contribute.  These should fill the bill nicely.  I’ll make a few more in various colors and then get back to real quilting!

Here’s one last item from the Feather Princess Quilt Show last week.

Real Feathers!!
This art quilt was made by Elaine Chapman based on a pattern “Flying Owl Gypsy Soul Art” by Sue Kluber.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a better picture of the whole piece because it was amazing, but you can tell that from the detail.  It’s no wonder this owl took First Place in the art quilt category!

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