Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patrick’s Day

 Beside’s the wearing of the green, today seems to be a good day to relate some of my favorite Murphy’s Laws as they relate to sewing.

What are Murphy’s Laws, you ask?  Well, the scoop is that the saying (“anything than can go wrong, will go wrong”) originated at Edwards Air Force Base in California in the late 1940s.  It was named after a real person, Cpt. Edward Murphy, who was an engineer working on a project and discovered some incorrect wiring.  He blamed the technician and claimed that if there was a way to do something wrong, that technician would find it.  The project’s contract manager then began calling it “Murphy’s Law” and the title stuck. 

Of course, Murphy’s Laws can be found everywhere on every subject, but these are a few of my favorites pertaining to sewing:
  • The seam you meant to rip out is invariably the other one
  • When you are in a hurry, the needle eye is always too small
  • If you drop something out of your sewing basket, it will be your box of pins -  with the cover off
  • Whenever the construction process is going well, the bobbin thread runs out
  • The magnitude of the goof is in direct proportion to the cost of the fabric
  • Your lost needle will be found by your son, husband or brother-in-law, while walking around barefoot
  • Pinking shears get dull just by looking at them!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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