Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today’s Quilting

Today’s quilting was actually Quilting!  A friend in the Sunshine Quilt On-line Guild sent me three of her finished tops to quilt and send on to Wrap-a-Smile.  These are such cute fabrics to work with … if I had seen them in the store I would have snatched them up, too.  This was the first one that I finished up today:

The fabric with those colorful jungle animals is just so soft.  And I had a confetti print for the backing that seemed just right.  It is just meandered in the middle panel and channel quilted in the borders.  Done!

And this is the next one up to quilt:

Aren’t those fish with snorkels and masks a hoot?!!  And I have multi-colored sanddollars for the backing that is just perfect.  I might finish another one tonight – I’m on a roll today!

Be sure to check out Beth’s Beachgirl’s Blog for some wonderful quilts and nature shots.  This photo of a barred owl posted last year is one of my absolute favorites:

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