Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lottery Blocks and Thunder

My on-line group, Sunshine Quilt Guild, focuses on making donation quilts for children and we also have a monthly block lottery.  Participants make blocks in sets of two (or more) – one block goes to make a Sunshine Quilt by a member that volunteers to do that and one goes into the *pot* for that month’s winner – the pot is winner-take-all.  The theme for this month is *novelties* - and that’s my favorite month!

I’ve been making these half-log cabin blocks:

Detail of Novelty Fabrics

But I had to stop because of another thunderstorm.  I always unplug my machines during lightning.  Hopefully, it will end soon.

This is a photo that I took yesterday of a nearby field that is usually dry.  The dark area near the egret is not a shadow, it’s standing water that the egret intends to fish in.  Good luck with that, little birdie … I'm betting you'll find lots of bugs, lizards and froggies that will be pretty tasty!

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