Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's So Odd About Today?

Do you feel odd today?  Well, you certainly have justification.  Today’s date is three consecutive odd numbers:  7-9-11

And what’s even odder is that there are only six days each century that three consecutive odd numbers make up the date!

The odd sequence that began on Jan 3rd 2005 (1-3-05) was followed by Mar 5th 2007 (3-5-07) and then May 7th 2009 (5-7-09).  Other than today, there will only be two more odd days for the next 100 years:  Sep 11th 2013 (9-11-13) and Nov 13th 2015 (11-13-15).

Check out this *oddly* beautiful quilt made from unusual materials:

Transparent Metal Star “Quilt”
Meena Schaldenbrand
, MI
8 1/2” X 11”
Top :
Aluminum Wireform background, Aluminum Windowscreen doors,
Fiberglass Windowscreen Star, beads, lace and trims. Brass Wireform star center & metal fringe.
    Border 1:
    Brass Wiremesh, Hardware Cloth
    Border 2:
    Copper Wiremesh, Gutterguard,
Batting :
Fiberglass Windowscreen.
Backing:Aluminum Windowscreen.

See more of these lovely oddities in quilting at:

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