Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quilts for Kids

My kit from Quilts for Kids came in the mail today!  The makers of Downy fabric softener are still affiliated with this great group and sending out a free kit for a child-size quilt for the asking.  They request that you make up their kit and also make up a quilt from your own fabric and send them both back to them to be distributed to hospitals associated with the Children’s Miracle Network.  Of course, if you have a local chapter of Quilts for Kids, your quilts will remain in your local community.

This is the fabric I received:

And this is the teen-girl’s quilt top that I finished and will send back with my finished kit. 

I’ll also send the teen-boy’s quilt (with USAF airplanes fabric) that I have posted about earlier.  These quilts are only about 38” x 45” so they don’t take that long to make … it’s the quilting itself that holds me up.  But knowing that a child in the hospital will be cheered up by receiving one of these quilts will spur me on.

My dog (just off to the left in this photo) found a friend in the garden today.  She stuck her nose right up to this Giant Swallowtail and it didn’t faze it a bit.  It just fluttered from flower to flower, as happy as could be.  Those purple flowers must be tasty!

And how do I know it was a Giant Swallowtail?  I looked it up, of course!  This is one of my favorite sites for identifying butterflies:
There’s also a page there to tell you what butterflies you can attract to your garden by entering your zip code for your part of the country.  Happy planting to attract butterflies!

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