Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quilting Today

I finally managed to get some quilting done today.  My frame has been fixed since the day after I found an issue with it.  My sweet husband took the rails off and re-aligned and tightened the screws and it’s just fine now.  These are the three for Quilts for Kids that I just need to get bound tomorrow – then it’s a quick wash and out the door they go:

While I’ve been really trying to use up my stash and scraps, occasionally I can’t pass up a sale.  These are the fabrics that I bought in a kit from Joann’s that was 50% off (the solids are from my stash):

Considering the discount, the amount of fabric included in the kit averaged about $4.25/yd for higher quality fabric.  I’m sometimes willing to spring for paying that much for fabric for my donation quilts, but I’d have to drastically cut back if I had to pay $10.00/yd.  Can’t see that happening, so I keep trying to find bargains.

Don’t know what I’ll be working up with these fabrics – I don’t feel constrained to make what the kit offered (simple squares), but I hope to post a picture of something special soon since I really like the colors.

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