Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daylight Savings Time Tonight

I’m still saying it:  “I hate Daylight Savings Time”

And now that I’ve said it, I plan to sew tomorrow, so hopefully the differential between the official clock time and my internal clock time won’t matter!

I’ll be working on this big block pattern:
It’s by Janet Wickell at and it’s called Summer Winds.  There is both a 24" and a 12" option.  These are the fabrics that I've pulled to use:
I’ll use it as the center block since I'm doing the 24 x 24 block and then I’ll add borders to bring it up to a good size for my children’s donation quilts.  Should be cute (and hopefully use up the last of those monsters!).

1 comment:

Karen M said...

You are so right about daylight savings time. Those early sunsets are tough.

Love the little monsters. They should make a really fun quilt.