Thursday, November 8, 2012

How a Quilt Grows

I had to stop and clean up the sewing room … you know how that goes.  I had just set aside stacks of extra fabrics after cutting and had piles of things sitting on every available surface and it just had to end!

So I took some time to put away the fabrics, stack up the magazines, re-file the pattern directions in notebooks, and even dust.  Yes, me dusting!

And then I got back to growing the Monsters and Their Trains:
 I still have to add a black border all around the outside (I haven’t decided on a binding of purple or blue – I’ll have to audition them).  But it’s starting to take shape and look good!

Tomorrow is my Quilts of Valor group meeting – then a quilt show on Saturday, but after that, it’s back to quilting!

1 comment:

Alycia said...

That's a cute block! I like how the quilt grows. Hope you had fun in your QOV group!!