Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Sewing

I recently was given a fantastic gift.  I am NEVER lucky – I never win at casinos (I don’t even bother to go) – I never win drawings or door prizes – but I must have been in the right place at the right time one day last week.

I was shopping the pre-Thanksgiving sale at my LQS and talking with the lady cutting my fabric about the children’s quilts that I make.  I told her all about Wrap-a-Smile and Wrap-Them-in-Love and all of the great work that they do.  And then she asked if I wanted some fat quarters that she had been carrying around in her car just waiting to give them to somebody!  Of course, I said yes – I was expecting 3-4 FQs.

And this is what she brought me – that bag was HEAVY!  It had fat quarters (on the left), a layer cake (in the middle) and some yardage (on the right).  I was stunned!!
So yesterday and today I worked up this sweet baby quilt from the layer cake pieces.
9-Patches (sorry about the sewing room mess!)

More 9-Patches

Still more 9-patches

Square in a squares - set on point

Coming Together!
And the final top - it is just too sweet in person!
The pattern is called Fiona and it’s from this book by Me and my Sister Designs:

I’m going to try to quilt it up tomorrow and take it back to show her my appreciation on Monday and give her a thank you note.  What a nice person she was!

PS  The fabric I bought that day had to be put away for Christmas – I wasn’t allowed to play with that!

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How very cool. Enjoy!