Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Travelin’ Wednesday

I went on a mini-road trip today and had a great time.  I met a fellow Sunshine Quilter (we make children's quilts to donate) up north of Tampa at a new quilt shop, Sweet Darling Quilts, and then we went for lunch.

Oh, did I skip over the part where I went wild in the new quilt shop?!  I had taken a few fabric samples to match for my next venture and I found exactly what I had in mind.  I have some half-yard pieces of a fabric line that has strangely different colors (for me) and a really different design.  The design concept is computer circuits and robots and zigzags, so I’m going with the simple attic windows pattern.  I’m not showing it yet because it’ll look weird, I’m sure, with just the fabrics lined up  – here's hoping that it turns out!

Then I found their sale area and, of course, had to snap up a bargain.  That's just astute shopping, not splurging!

And then, *B* and I went for lunch and she brought her “show and tell”.  She had the neatest stuff – two scrappy baby quilts that were just darling.  I wish I'd remembered to take pictures of those.  And she brought me my Round Robin top that she was assigned to do the last round on.  I think it turned out great!  It’s going to one of those that will be hard to let go!
That's *B* holding my finished top
And lastly, I stopped by another quilt shop by me and gave this top to the lady that donated all of that fabric to me.

Not a 30s print backing, but it's what I had on hand
Her shop collects quilts for Project Linus and she’s going to donate it to them.  I wanted her to donate it in her name since she was kind enough to give me all of that fabric!  I loved this one, too.  I think I’m becoming attached to these quilts … so easy to do!

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