Saturday, November 17, 2012

Drop Everything and Quilt!

There was a cry for help on one of my quilters message boards.  Someone wanted to send a lot of quilts to Afghanistan and she was in over her head as far as the number of quilts she had committed to.  Quilters across the US (and even Germany) jumped in to help, of course.  That’s just what quilters do.  I volunteered to make this one and get it into the mail in about 4 days time.  I just made it (wahoo!).  The pattern is called “Warm Wishes” and that’s exactly what I wanted to send to the young soldier over there.  I hope I get to see pictures when they are delivered in Afghanistan

And then it was back to the children’s quilts:

Lots of Dots is quilted (in a double bubble pattern!) and all done and into the box getting ready to go to Wrap-a-Smile.

The Monsters and Their Trains is now a finished top – I need more fabric for the backing and it’ll be next on the frame.

I love quilting!

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