Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Made Some Progress Today

Despite being confused about what is the “real” time all day, I did make some progress.  I worked on the Summer Winds block and have two almost put together using the monsters fabric. 

I changed my mind from my original idea to have only one block in the middle (sort of as a medallion) and decided to make two instead.  I’ll put them one over the other, since the monsters print is directional,  and put the monsters on the trains in the middle.  I’ll add a little sashing to bring it up to the right size and “poof” it’ll be a top!
And just to show that I really don’t have a one-track mind (no pun intended), I had to lay out those scrappy hearts blocks that I’ve had forever (from an old block swap).  I elected to go the quick route with plain blocks in between just to get it out the door.  I’ll finish this one off tomorrow.

So it sounds like tomorrow’s work is already cut out for me.  OK – that pun was intended – low humor – very, very low! - it must be that time change thing ....

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