Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brown Bear and Bonus Flimsy

I finally polished off Brown Bear, Brown Bear today - it's finished and bound and ready to be delivered.  Speaking of delivery, the baby it is intended for is due on the 17th.  Not bad timing!  Here is the final with a detail of the cute backing with bear paws:

And I also finished putting on some borders to complete a flimsy that is intended to go to Wrap a Smile.  I put it together like this:
  1. started with lots of my leftover binding pieces (all 2 1/2 inches wide),
  2. just kept sewing them end to end,
  3. then re-cut them into 6 inch pieces,
  4. sewed three of the pieces together,
  5. cut a single piece of *top* to fit across the pieces to make a *block*,
  6. arranged the blocks to suit me,
  7. sewed them together and added an inner border,
  8. used the leftover smaller pieces to make squares and added the final border.
These were some of the steps:

Leftover Binding Strip Ends

Binding Strips Sewn End-to-End Randomly
Long Strips Sub-Cut Then *Tops* Added to Make Blocks
Finished Flimsy with Borders

Easy-Peasy and used lots of scraps to make a colorful top.


Pattilou said...

It turned out great. Love the dark blue sashing between the blocks and the borders! I know I'll have to keep saving my leftover bindings and do that. I really like how it turned out!

Kathy T. said...

Thanks, Pat. It ended up better than expected, that's for sure!