Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

In keeping with tradition, today begins the Year of the Rabbit.

There is an old British superstition of good luck that has many variations, including the following:

(1) It is believed that saying "Rabbit Rabbit" on the first day of the New Year will bring yearlong good luck [must be especially true in the Year of the Rabbit!].

(2) Being the first to say "rabbit rabbit" to a person on the first of the month will bring good luck.

(3) Instead of saying "rabbit, rabbit", saying just "rabbit", or "rabbits". Some also extend it to three rabbits: "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit", which has some of the earliest written references.

For more information, go to

Whichever Rabbit tale floats your boat, Happy Chinese New Year!

Only the quilty front, Judy selected Item #10 for the 2011 UFO Challenge and as luck would have it (bad rabbit pun intended), I had already worked on and finished the H-Blocks quilt in January that was listed as my #10 UFO.  So I moved on to my second list of 12 and put the purple/yellow top on the frame to quilt and finish for this month.  To make it even more child-friendly, the purple/yellow has a purple Dora the Explorer backing - way cute. 

Then I remembered that I needed to have the frame free soon to quilt up something for a friend, so I went ahead and quilted and bound the purple/yellow.  Wahoo!  I'm finished with the UFOs for the February Challenge already .... quite an achievement for me.  Here they are:


Cher said...

love these quilts...way to go on finishing ufos!

JCnNC said...

Wonderful Finishes - OTL (off the list) Judy C

Connie said...

Wonderful quilts! I didn't know there was a Dora the Explorer fabric, that is my granddaughter's favorite. Congrats on your finishes.