Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Met a Fellow Quilter

I'm in an online group called the Sunshine Quilt Guild that makes donation quilts for children worldwide.  I had the great pleasure today to meet a fellow quilter from that group.  *B*, from Sunshine, spends part of each year in Michigan and part in Florida.  We were able to get together in Dunedin, a cute little Scottish village near Clearwater, FL for lunch and a bit of quilt-shopping!  Since quilt shops can be dangerous places for voracious quilters like *B* and I, I went to the shop with a list.  I bought just enough to fill in where I needed just a little bit to complete several planned quilts or quilts in the works.  *B* bought a similar amount so we did our part to help the economy.  This is what I bought:

The purple batik almost hidden on the left will be sashing for batik squares I have from a block-swap.  The orange print will be a backing for an already-completed top.  The blues are for another block swap due soon.  And the print with the cats hidden in the tulips will be for a new design that I wanted to try.  It was gorgeous weather today and we had a good time.  Now I have to get quilting!

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