Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blatant Plug or Good Idea?

Happy National Pancake Day!
Yep, since 2006 the well-known breakfast chain restaurant, IHOP, has been sponsoring National Pancake Day.  Today (Feb 28, 2012), guests at their restaurant can enjoy a free short stack of pancakes and the only request is that participants consider leaving a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network or other designated local charities.  I'm thinking IHOP had a Good Idea.

I am familiar with the Children’s Miracle Network and their hospitals throughout the USA through the Quilts for Kids organization where I make frequent donations.  I was excited recently when I saw that a quilt that I had sent to them was posted in their website’s gallery with a lovely comment about its simplicity and colors.  Click this link to see my quilt I called Hawaiian Party.

And would you like to know what the world record is for stacking pancakes?!  Andy Wrobel stacked up 60 pancakes up to about 2 ½ feet to take over the Guiness Book Record.
Andy is in Melbourne, Australia, and cooks up his pancakes at a restaurant called the Pancake Parlor.  The stack eventually collapsed but I’ll bet a good time was had consuming the structural components ... Yum!

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