Sunday, February 26, 2012

How the Quilt Got Butterflies

The subtitle of this post should be “Read the Directions”…

The quilt top that I have been working on with the cute “cats in the tulips” fabric is from the book “What a Novel Idea” by Pat Sloan.  The picture on the cover is the top that I am making.  See how well the border fits and the lovely triangle in the corner where the borders meet?
Pat Sloan's Book Cover Quilt
Well, that only happens if you read the directions and you square up your half-square triangles to the size given.  The cutting directions give you over-size pieces and I missed reading that step.  So each of my side borders was either too long or too short (depending on how many squares I tried to make it fit).  I ended up with corners that looked like this:
So what’s a body to do?  Unsewing that many squares was just not in the stars.  I thought about putting a green square across the orange corner square (like a snowball corner), but I went a different direction.   I decided to take my corners as they were, add satin stitch antennae and add appliquéd butterfly bodies.  Voila!
Bugs in the fields of tulips with the cats.  Gives them something to chase.  So this top is finished, but unlikely to get quilted this month.  Even with Leap Year, not enough days in this month!
I’m taking a class on making Celtic Hearts and making bias tape this week.  Should be fun.  Watch this spot …

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