Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My First Doll Quilt

I blogged about the Lil’ Twister baby quilt that I made recently (see photo in this post).  The baby-to-be has a big sister (aged 2 ½) and I usually give any siblings a little gift along with the baby gift so they won’t feel left out.  This time I had bought a cute stuffed toy known as a “Pillow Pet” … this little ladybug has a Velcro belt underneath that you can undo and lay the critter flat for a small pillow.  I decided to make the critter a little blankie that matched the baby’s quilt.  It is doll-sized at 12 ¼ x 14 ¼ and I love its diminutive dimensions!
And I am making progress on working on my mom’s storage boxes.  This is why there is too much stuff:
These were all in a Baggie from just from one box of bathroom items (there are more boxes) – and she already has other multiples of these scissors, nail clippers and tweezers in her bathroom at assisted living.  These are going out the door ASAP … then maybe my sanity will come back!

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Anonymous said...

Love the doll quilt - you are so crafty.

Hmm- Sanity just from throwing out the scissors/clippers - questionable.