Saturday, February 4, 2012

QOV Update

I met with my Quilt of Valor group yesterday and took my finished top.  When I took the close-up picture, I forgot to get the detail of the inner border.  It was a bugga-boo to put on.  The fabric was originally rows of the letters *USA* separated by stars in a square.  The volunteers had already cut it apart when I received it, so I had to be careful when sewing it on so that I didn’t cut off the tops and bottoms of the letters (not a full 1/4 inch available).  But first, I had to piece the borders in such a way that the integrity of the letters was maintained (no mitering like I normally would do).  Then I kept trying to fit the border so that nothing was cutoff.  I finally gave up and let the ends at two corners read *US*.  Best I could do!
Bonnie Hunter Pattern - Fourth of July
Now that I am more familiar with the pattern (I printed off my own copy from Bonnie's website - she gives blanket permission to do that), I know that many of the squares are not turned properly.  My next one will be much better!  Other members brought back finished tops, too, so the group now has 5 tops at the long-arm quilters (volunteers).  Our next meeting will be spent making up lots more kits that can be signed out and brought back.
Another top ready for borders
And yet ANOTHER top having borders sewn on
And yes, we went out to lunch again, and I readily admit to succumbing to the allure of the raisin toast.  I had tomato rice soup and the toast and both were wonderful!

Now I’m planning on a lazy weekend.  The weather has been so great here that I just want to get outdoors and piddle around – no heavy weed pulling, no extreme walks, just leisurely enjoying the balmy temperature while it lasts.  My azaleas and day lilies are blooming and my lone orchid has a new stalk.  I was so excited to see it since I was pretty sure I had brown-thumbed the poor plant to death.  But apparently, it is happy, so I fed it and we’ll see if it makes it to flowering!

The stalk coming out at the top left is the flower starting to form -
 I'll hitch it to the green stake when it gets a little longer

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