Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whipped Up a Scrappy

Sometimes in the quilting world you just want to work up a top so easy-peasy that you don’t even have to think.  Can I get an *Amen*?!!
This Totally Scrappy top filled that bill for me last night.  I won all of these blocks in a lottery and I just had to lay them out and sew rows and *whoopee!* a finished top.  The blocks were from the Quilter’s Cache website, a design called Scrapbagger:

And for a totally off-topic picture, I saw this little thing hanging in a scrub forest  made up of oaks, cypress, wax myrtles, palmetto palms, etc.
In our area, these are usually for early detection of the Mediterranean fruit fly that can cause very serious harm to our food supply.  Although we often think of how these little devils can destroy the extremely valuable citrus crops, they actually attack over 250 different fruits, vegetables and nuts, including tomatoes, peppers, guavas and mangoes.   This is a close-up of the trap, but it was being used in California against the threat of Light Brown Apple Moths ... doesn’t sound likely here.
Because they weren’t near citrus trees, I can’t help but wonder what they are targeting.  I didn’t find anything on the State Agriculture website, but I’ll watch the newspaper to see if anything comes up.  Just curious, don’tcha know??

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