Friday, November 26, 2010

Bag No. 5 and Quilting

I finished Bag No 5 for the Zihuatanejo Bag Project and those 5 bags are in the mail.  There is a posting on the Creative Chicks blog that, due to a change in plans, they now have enough bags.  I have an email into them to see if I need to send in the original 10 that I signed up for or just this five that are done.  I sure wouldn't mind sending 5 more since these bags are cute and easy to make - and it is such a good cause.  We'll see if any more are on the horizon.  This fabric was leftover from two earlier projects - one is the top called Laundry Day at the Beach that is in the stack waiting to be quilted.  It'll be done soon ...
Bag No. 5

Laundry Day at the Beach

I also have actually started quilting tops like I said I would.  This is the one that is on the frame now.  It is the 10-Minute Block top made with the leftovers from another quilt.  The middles of the blocks (here it's that center block with the butterflies) will get marked with a template for a ring of hearts, so this top is taking a little longer to quilt, but I'm making progress now!

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