Thursday, November 4, 2010

Perfect Project for Instant Gratification

UPDATE:  Nov 24, 2010 - The Creative Chicks Blog has a note that, due to a change in plans, they now have enough bags.

I was given a few yards of denim material by a "hey, neighbor" (you know - the ones that you don't know very well, but you always wave and are friendly to because they have a dog like yours and that you say "hey" to?).  Well, she had heard from a neighbor that I do know well that I sewed and quilted so she thought of me when clearing out stuff before she moved (what a nice person!).  I was pleased to receive the fabric but didn't have an immediate use in mind.

So, yesterday, whilest looking at all the beautiful quilts posted at Blogger's Quilt Festival, I found the most wonderful project that would use the denim.  Over at Creative Chicks,
the three sisters described their group's effort to collect 500 simple bags for school children or for use as market bags, etc.  Bingo!  The denim would be perfect for this use.

The sisters go on to say that their children are in Spanish Immersion School and each spring break a group from their school community travels to Zihuatanejo, Mexico for a service project organized thru

There are some simple parameters for making the bags and a tutorial if you'd like on their blog.  I made up two prototypes last evening and today and they work up fast.  I was slowed down a little when attaching the handles - sewing thru 8 layers of denim at the seam is tough! - but my Viking pulled through like a real trouper.  Without denim, that part would have been a snap and I also have some poplin (or sailcloth, I can't remember) that would be good to use, too - strong enough but not industrial strength like the denim.  Embellishing is going to be fun!

Sew on three sides (have pocket sewn if desired)

Sew across corners if want flat bottom bag

Trim Corners

Turn under top edge and topstitch

Add handle (with denim I didn't fold under & into the top seam)

Shows inside pocket

Prototype with pockets
Prototype with fabric strip

My bags are the same size - the way the handles are hanging make them look slightly different.  I think I can make at last 8 more since they don't have to be finished until March of 2011.

Check out the Creative Chicks blog if you are looking for a simple worthwhile task in between other projects!  If I can figure out how, I will add a button to my blog.

The following photos show part of my process and my two prototypes - one has just a decorative strip and the other has an inside and outside pocket.  I like the pockets and think I will always add at least one pocket on all the next finishes.

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Renae said...

Thanks Kathy!
Those look great! I like adding pockets to mine also. Can't wait to see the rest of them.

Feel free to pull the pic of the project off the side of our blog and add it to yours if you'd like.