Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finished Another Flimsy

This afternoon, I decided to clear my "design floor" and finish up the top that I began showing in a previous post.  Of course, I went with the simplest sashing and borders.  Sometimes you just want to get something done and move on.  Know the feeling??  I'm calling this one Garden Critters and it will go to WTIL (Wrap Them in Love).  I wish I had made the background of the blocks the dark brown and then the design would have really popped, but live and learn.  It still is a cute top when you see it up close because of the cute printed fabric.  A good fabric can cover a multitude of sins!

And speaking of sins, the flaw is so obvious when you see the picture, but I never noticed until I uploaded it into this post ... and the row is going to stay that way ... I am greatly in favor of correcting the little things, but to fix this I would have to frog out (you know, rippit, rippit) the top border, part of each side, and the top and bottom of the top row, then sew it all back together - just not going to happen!  It'll be a test of some little kids' perception - keep 'em guessing if it was meant to be that way - I'm betting they won't mind.

I have now accumulated at least four tops (plus the one already on the frame) that need to be quilted and bound, so that will be on my agenda for the next couple of days.  Unless I get distracted .... a quilt magazine might show up and I'll have to stop and make sure I'm not missing out on the latest and greatest new projects  (and maybe it was a distraction that caused that top to go all wonky on me - better watch the distractions).

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