Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Bound, but Quilted

Today I quilted the Dandy Blocks top with free-motion clamshells.  My mind drifted and so did some of the clamshells!  You might say they drifted with the tide, if you look closely (no - I don't recommend looking closely).  A member of one group I'm in told about a quilt she made that had a traditional top and a modern backing (both in kids' fabrics) that made it sparkle.  Well, I borrowed the idea and did the same with this Dandy quilt.  The top has the 30s reproduction fabrics and a classic block design, while the back has very modern butterflies ... I think a little girl will like both sides.  I'll get it bound tomorrow morning.  Here's a picture of the detail with the backing showing:

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