Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunshine Lotto Blocks

You know how sometimes you just have to break down and go ahead and vacuum and mop and maybe do a load of laundry?  Don't you hate when that interferes with your great quilting ideas?!  I did make it to the local library today to see the eye-candy in the Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.  I never make art quilts, but I do like to look at them and to see the quilt show winning entries.  Other than that, I worked around the house.

So, all I sewed today were two blocks for this month's block lottery for the Sunshine On-line Quilt Guild (see sidebar note).  I had worked with this fabric before and it was printed so wonky that it could drive a person nuts.  I ended up making just one pillow out of it a few years ago and stashing the fabric away.  I pulled the fabric back out today and made the two blocks to send in and stashed the fabric back in hiding ... the printed panel is just too off-kilter for me to work with!  I'll get rid of it a little at a time ... hopefully.

Nov 2010 Lottery Blocks

The pillow I made several years ago.


Pattilou said...

Don't ya just hate it when the fabric is printed crooked--most of the time--LOL!

But, your blocks turned out well just the same. I just got mine in an envelope to mail out today.

Kathy T. said...

We've all come across the fabric painted crooked a time or two, but I read on a message board that we should just ignore grain lines - isn't that just another example of quality going downhill and nobody caring?! I guess avery generation gets to the point where they say "what's this world coming to?"!

Kathy T. said...

And spelling goes by the wayside, too! Of course I meant "Every" generation ... LOL.