Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Next Project in the Works

Strip quilts have become very popular so I took a look at the various strips that I have leftover after binding my quilts.  I almost always use a 2 1/2 inch strip for my double fold binding and I have a bucket full of short and medium length pieces that I've saved.  I took them out and sorted out the brighter, jewel tones from the grayed colors, threw in just a few lighter pastels and a few darks for interest and came up with this bunch.
I've now ironed these and sewn them together randomly.  The random part was hard for me since I'm more of a matchy-matchy kind of quilter.  I'm trying to do more scrap quilts and get away from the matching.  So I closed my eyes, plumped the pile up and picked a strip to sew.  I only threw two back using this method.  I layed them out on the floor, side-by-side in long continuous strips, but wasn't wild about that look.  So I've decided to go with a Bonnie Hunter design from Quiltsville.  It is a modified log cabin type contruction that I think will go together quickly and use my strips efficiently.  I need to cut some center squares and I'll be off to the races, so to speak!

This is the Quiltsville design I will be using:

I hope to have a design wall featuring these strips soon.

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