Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quilt Show !!

The Cypress Creek Quilter's Guild held their second annual quilt show today on the grounds of the USF Botanical Gardens.  Last year the weather was perfect and their luck held again this year.  The weather turned a little chilly for us here in central FL, USA, but it was great jacket weather and a little breezy.  The quilts were hung under the massive oak trees and there was a quilt there to suit any fancy.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Bug Quilt

Bug Quilt Detail


By the Seaside

By the Seaside Detail

Jester's Court Quilting - the Jester's Caps had bells on them and was done in variable colored thread

Jester's Court

Titled: My Sunflowers

This one was simple in design but channel quilting every 1/4 inch made it super special and so huggable

Very interesting quilt traditions from Pakistan

You had to see the fabulous embellishments on this beauty!

Gorgeous, intricate applique

I could have looked at this one all day - the geckos were tending their gardens and having a delightful time

This has to be one of the cutest mini's on the planet!

The tulip appliques were perfect and the colors were so appealing

Another Mini that makes you wonder how they do that!

You wanted to toss some feed to this flock - just amazing.
And who could resist this whimsical creature?!!  Not me!

More Quilt Photos Tomorrow!!

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