Friday, October 21, 2011

I Wish I Could Knit!

Did you hear about the poor penguins?  The big oil spill in New Zealand has left the penguins needing sweaters – and, no, this is NOT a joke.  The darling little sweaters help to keep the critters from plucking at their oil covered feathers and it keeps them warm until they’re well enough to be tended and cleaned up.
A Kiwi yarn store has posted a pattern for the “penguin jumpers” and the site has been swamped.  I really wish I could knit and contribute to this project.  This apparently isn’t the first time there has been a call for these sweaters – the Tasmanian Conservation Trust stockpiled some of the little garments after a similar spill in 2001, but they need more.  And of course, they keep – so if they receive a lot now, they’ll save them for the next human mistake.

Do you knit?  Check out this site for the info on where to send them and a link to the yarn shop that has the pattern:

And in keeping with the "critter" theme ... Tonight I’ll be participating in the Friday Night Sew-In.  I have some cute jungle prints to whip up something special!  I should have another post tomorrow with what I've worked up from these:

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