Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Quilt Books!

What was I thinking?!!  … Allowing myself to go out and look at the big sale last month at C&T Publishing’s warehouse.  Well, it turned out that what I paid was 75% off (including shipping) and I got a great haul of quilt books that I never would have paid full price for.  So I feel vindicated (no matter what looks the dear hubby gave me – at least it wasn’t a bucket of golf balls – to each his own, I always say).  This is what I got:
I’m going upstairs now to play with elements from the 150 Baby Blocks book – it has a very clever presentation that shows a block, then at the bottom of the page it shows that block mixed and matched with one or more other blocks from the book like this:
"150 blocks for baby quilts" by Susan Briscoe
Very cool ideas that are getting my quilting brain out of the rut it’s gotten into … sometimes we just need a new spark of an idea to get us back on the bandwagon.

I did get one paper-pieced block made up for a swap group member that was asking for one signed block.  She has a friend whose cancer has recurred after 5 yrs remission.  That news is so demoralizing but I hope that wrapping up in a quilt while she receives treatment will let her friend know that she is surrounded by prayer.
I have another friend that is volunteering to walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Pinellas County, FL on Oct 22, 2011.  I applaud people like my friend who are taking action to raise funds for cancer research.  Bless your heart, GJ.
Research has and will make a difference.  Click on this link to donate to the American Cancer Society:

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