Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday's Project

Just look at this fantastic weather!

This past weekend was supposed to be great – lower temperatures and considerably lower humidity than our usual 89%.  I was finally inspired to tackle that small job in the kitchen that has been bugging me since last April.

We had our appliances replaced after our dishwasher leaked and destroyed an end panel.  Since we are NOT handy-people, we hired a handyman to replace that panel.  He did a great job and while he was here I asked him to change out the middle piece in a cabinet.  It used to open like this:
That middle piece was attached to one side and was always flipping open the other side when I grabbed it.  The design was fine if you wanted to have a large opening for huge platters or pots, but I didn’t need both the high and low cabinets to have this design.  I wanted that piece to be free-standing in the lower cabinet – like this:
He did a great job on that, too, but I had to stain it to match the other cabinets – then the foot dragging started.  It’s usually so humid here that paint/stain takes much longer to dry.  I do have a dehumidifier, but I would have to drag it out and dust it off, etc, etc (the tiny violins start playing now).
I finally did that and it took all of 15 minutes to finish the project (including the finding and dragging out of the supplies that I bought back in April).  I think it looks just fine.

I also put a wooden crate that I had painted last fall in front of the dehumidifier … it never has dried correctly.
I had thought it would be great to store fat quarters and it really is.  It’s just that the drawers stick and you have to leave one extended a little in order to give it a whack to get it unstuck.  Now it’s nice and dry (finally!).  Two projects down … at least ten thousand to go …  Maybe later!

This is a small quilt that I had experimented on when I was trying out ways to machine quilt bindings.  It’s the Broken Dishes pattern.
Each side has a different stitch (blanket stitch, zig zag, & 2 decoratives) – I ended up not liking any of them.  I thought it was too weird to donate, but now I’m rethinking that. 

The comic bug print is for a younger child and I think it would be worn out before they would notice the different stitches!
So it’s going in the box to WTIL that is growing again.

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