Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Minor Sewing Crisis

Now my tune has changed … I’m glad that I have a few quilt tops stacked up waiting to be quilted and it’s all due to a minor crisis.

My poor baby Viking has to go to the repair shop.  She’s the machine that I use for piecing my quilt tops and she’s a real workhorse.  I’ve had her for about 15 years and I just love her.  She never gives me any trouble, but she started snapping off the thread.  It happened twice, which I thought was very odd, so I changed the needle thinking it might have been a burr in the eye.  Then I sewed really slowly so I could see what was happening.  It turns out that the shank had gotten out of alignment and the needle was actually so close to the edge of the plate that it was cutting the thread and was leaving a mark on the edge of that heavy metal plate. 

I might have caused it when I was sewing thru too many layers of heavy denim making handles on tote bags for kids earlier this year and I was stretching and tugging the fabric (bad idea).  But, if I had kept on sewing on the lightweight cotton quilting fabric, it could have caught completely on that plate and snapped the needle in two instead of just the thread.  That was a close call.  So off she goes to get realigned:
The workhorse with her hard-hat is in the car, ready for a ride
And now I’m left in the middle of working up a Mystery Quilt.  This was one of Cindy Carter’s mysteries from over the weekend.
I have printed off the final instructions, but I didn’t look at them so see what the final quilt looks like.  Mine will be mostly scrappy.  You can see the instructions here, but don’t let me know … LOL:
Meanwhile, I’m loading another finished top onto the frame and quilting it up with the Janome that just sews straight stitches so it’s dedicated to quilting.  Who knew I’d ever really need two machines?  I’m a lucky dog to have them!

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